Mold Inspection Richmond VA

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Molds can grow on virtually any surface provided moisture, oxygen and an organic source are present. Over the years a lot has been studied about mold and its potential hazards when it is left to grow on a property occupied by people. It is common knowledge that mold thrives well in damp places which are usually out of sight in our properties. As such, mold inspection Richmond VA is crucial in identifying a mold problem on a property.

Today mold removal and mold remediation services are recognized in the insurance industry. But for your claim to be paid, proper mold inspection Richmond VA is required. Mold inspection is a key process that investigates and documents your mold problem laying emphasis on the type of mold, the extent of damage, scope of work required to successfully remove the mold and health risk assessment.

Mold inspection therefore is quite important for any property owner who wants to understand their mold problem and be able to avoid it in the future. If you just keep removing mold without knowing the source, it will keep recurring. Mold is very persistent and can grow even in those dark and hard to reach places that you usually don’t pay attention to in your house or building.

Factors that affect mold growth and spread on your property

For mold to grow, the three conditions of having oxygen, water and an organic food source have to be met. However, no two mold invasion incidences will be the same. There are several factors that affect mold growth and spread on your property. They include the following;

The amount of water present – mold thrives where there is a lot of water or moisture present. The more the water volume intruding on your property, the more mold you expect to have.

The frequency of the water source – imagine having a one-time leak that stops against having a consistent slow leak that happens over time. The latter will be more conducive for mold growth because the source of water is consistent.

The presence and the type of food source for the mold – mold thrives by feeding on organic compounds which contain carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acid and proteins. As mold feeds on organic compounds like wood, paper and fabrics, it causes them to rot and decay.

The affinity of the surface to absorb water – mold growth also depends on the affinity of the surface it is growing on to absorb water. Materials that absorb a lot of water are the best for mold growth as compared to those that will not.

With all of these factors in mind, it is evident that mold growth will not happen the same way throughout the property. Some parts and areas of the property are prone to mold growth than others. The best surfaces for mold growth are wet organic materials on the property like wood, paper, and others.

While mold may grow on surfaces that are not organic like metal, the growth is only triggered because of the presence of an organic food source lying on the surface of the metal plus excess moisture.

Inspecting mold prone areas

The areas that are highly prone to mold attacks based on the above factors include between walls, under carpets, under base boards, in the basement, attic, crawl spaces, in kitchen cabinets under sinks and other such places. In these places, most of the above conditions will be met.

However, it doesn’t mean that there will always be mold growing in those areas. Mold inspection Richmond VA is done using specialized equipment and techniques to determine where mold is growing on your property in such out of sight and hard to reach places.

Mold inspection entails using moisture meters, hygrometers and thermal imaging cameras to identify hidden moisture pockets fueling mold growth on your property. There are instances when pros will also decide to demolish parts of the house to be sure whether there is mold growth or not. This is important because leaving just a small patch of mold may lead to extensive damages later on.

Leaving mold patches also means that the occupants of the property will be exposed to health risks as mold count becomes elevated. Proficient mold inspection Richmond VA is the stepping stone to complete mold removal and proper restoration of your property and health.

Mold testing Richmond VA

Usually mold inspection also involves Richmond mold testing. Mold testing is the process of taking mold samples to the lab for further analysis and reporting. The samples used are both air samples and swab samples of the visible mold on your property. Mold testing Richmond VA is done to determine the type of mold inflicting your property and its associated health concerns.

The reports given after mold inspection and mold testing can be used for insurance claims, as proof your property is mold free and in real estate negotiations among other uses. These are professional documents that can only be written after thorough mold inspection Richmond VA of your property.

Finding the source of mold on your property

One of the key reasons for mold inspection in your Richmond property is to determine the cause of excess moisture fueling growth of mold. identifying the cause of excess moisture is key in preventing further water damage to your property and recurring mold problems.

When the source of excess moisture or water has been fixed and the mold removed from your house, then you can rest easy knowing that you will not be having a mold problem any time soon. This way your health and property are protected.

Besides, professionals also offer their customers advice on how to stay mold free after the removal and remediation process has been completed. Preventative measures will be discussed with you to help you live in a safe and healthy atmosphere free of allergens and toxins that can affect your health.

If you are in need of a professional mold inspection service in Richmond, then our resource can help you. Get free access to the leading companies in the region offering mold inspection and mold testing services.